In itself recruitment is not rocket science and with that said there is also an intangible part of this service that is not that easy to grasp and that is the Personal factor or in other words: The Experience. Recruitment in current times and in the future has to be a full service product that unburdens you so you can focus on the business at hand: the job. By delivering a full service recruitment solution, OGP Resources adds value by streamlining the whole process from locating your new challenge, through mobilisation to demob and tax issues. Which in turn saves money and time.


We find the right project to fit your expertise and ambitions. We know that what defines our company is the people we work with so we go through great lengths to make the right match. On top of this; we unburden you from all employee administration, make sure you have all the security certificates required and we draft up legally sound contracts. We even sort out which tax arrangements are most beneficial for your situation. And if necessary we can also assist with local housing and transportation.


By now you must be interested in our services, right? Want to know what OGP Resources can do for you? Please contact us via the contact form below or call us directly at +31 20 7950901